Scarsdale Pool House

Exterior architecture of pool house structure with pool in foreground and outdoor dining, seating and kitchen area with deck off second level

White sandy beaches and far-flung islands? We’re there! This custom-built home is much more than just a vacation-inspired pool house to our clients. Conceived of as an entertainment space for use throughout the year, it boasts an indoor basketball court, cocktail bar with banquette seating and views out across the lawn to the outdoor dining and lounge area, a tennis court, and swimming pool. Our Scarsdale Pool House easily transforms into a refuge from the city, home office, guest house or all-season playground depending on this active family’s needs. Indoor furnishings in soft blues and natural wood tones were selected for their relaxed, textural feel and practicality. Outdoor furniture is a mix of vintage and modern for a sleek, yet lived-in vibe. Nestled into the natural surroundings, this home provides respite year-round.

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Detail of wood bar with counter stools and onyx backsplashLarger view of bar and seating area
Seating area with sofa and chairs in foreground and wood bar with onyx backsplash in background
Vase with colorful bouquet of flowersBlue velvet banquette seating with two small tables and single chair opposite side of table and banquette
Kitchen with shelves and countertop and ladder to reach high spotsKitchen island detail with counter stools, fruit on counter, and objects on shelves
Bathroom with blue tile and complimentary wallpaper and sink with drawers beneathBedroom vignette
Woman approaches the pool house Blurred woman walking up stairwell with large pendant lamps hanging into the well
Porch with large white overhangPorch with modern seating looking onto tennis court
Modern wire mesh chairs next to in-ground pool with turquoise water
Basketball court looking into locker roomBuilt in open-face lockers and modern slatted wood benches
Indoor basketball court with vaulted ceiling an clerestory windows
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